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MacCabe, Colin. James Joyce: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford UP, 2021. 




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1. A publication in pot-First World War Paris

2. Dubliners

3. A Portrait 

4. Ulysses

5. Finnegans Wake

6. The Aunt Josephine Paradox

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James Joyce is one of the greatest writers in English. His first book, A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man laid down the template for the Coming of Age novel, while his collection of short stories, Dubliners, is of perennial interest. His great modern epic, Ulysses, took the city of Dublin for its setting and all human life for its subject, and its publication in 1922 marked the beginning of the modern novel. Joyce's final work, Finnegans Wake is an endless experiment in narrative and language. But if Joyce is a great writer he is also the most difficult writer in English. Finnegans Wake is written in a freshly invented language, and Ulysses exhausts all the forms and styles of English. Even the apparently simple Dubliners has plots of endless complexity, while the structure of A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man is exceptionally intricate.


This Very Short Introduction explores the work of this most influential yet complex writer, and analyses how Joyce's difficulty grew out of his situation as an Irish writer unwilling to accept the traditions of his imperialist oppressor, and contemptuous of the cultural banality of the Gaelic revival. Joyce wanted to investigate and celebrate his own life, but this meant investigating and celebrating the drunks of Dublin's pubs and the prostitutes of Dublin's brothels. No subject was alien to him and he developed the naturalist project of recording all aspects of life with the symbolist project of finding significant correspondences in the most unlikely material. Throughout, Colin MacCabe interweaves Joyce's life and history with his books, and draws out their themes and connections.


(1) 1882~1904: Dublin

1882.2.2~1902 Dublin

1902.12.1~1902.12.24  Dublin→London→Paris

1902.12.~1903.1 Paris→Dublin

1903.1~1903.4 Dublin→London→Paris

1903.4~1904.10 Paris→Dublin

1904.10.8 Dublin (Holyhead)→London→Paris→Zurich

1904.10.11~20 Zurich

1904.10.31?~1905.3 Pola

(2) 1904.10.20.~1915.6: Trieste

1905.3~1906.7 Trieste

1906.7~1907.3 Rome 

1907.3~1909.7 Trieste 

1909.7-9 Dublin

1909.9-10 Trieste

1909.19~1910.1 Dublin, Galway

1910.1~1912.7 Trieste

1912.7-9 Dublin 

1912.9.15~1915.6 Trieste

(3) 1915.6~1919.10: Zurich

(4) 1919.10~1920.7: Trieste

(5) 1920.7~1940.7: Paris

1922.8  London

1923.6 London

1924.9 London

1926.8~9 Ostend, Antwelp, Brussels

1927.4 London

1927.6 Amsterdam

1928.7 Salzburg

1928.8 Frankfult

1928.9 München

1929.8 London

1930.4 Zurich

1930.7 London

1930.9 Zurich

1931.4 London

1932.7 Zurich

1933.5 Zurich

1934.8 Luxembourg

1936.8 Copenhagen

1936.10 Zurich

(6) 1940.12~1941.1.13: Zurich

1940.12~1941.1.13 Zurich


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